"Each fairy animal has a special talent, necessary for the balance of the Magic Universe. The Winx will discover this, while facing two new dreadful villains and getting new amazing transformations along their journey!"

"Winx Club series 7 carries on the theme of recent Winx releases by carrying a strong environmental message. In this adventure the fairies discover the real importance of the rare Fairy Animals, which they must save from Kalshara, an evil shape-shifter and her clumsy brother, Brafilius. The theme of endangered animals recurs throughout the series as the Winx establish an Animal Rescue Park on Earth, where they look after vulnerable animals such as pandas and tigers. The girls also undertake missions in the Magic Dimension and Earth to raise public awareness about the animal cause. This builds to their final mission – to discover the ultimate power of the Fairy Animals, which can give control over all the animals of the Magic Universe."

More details about the seventh season and its plot are currently unknown. It is likely that the usual Winx Club fairies, BloomStellaFloraMusaTecna and Aisha, will be the main characters. It is unknown ifRoxy will be a main or a minor character. Like the two previous seasons, this seasons will have two transformations, but the detail is unknown. And season 7 will be in hand-drawn animation.