Super Trix is an alternative form of Trix , then that Ancestral Witches come into their bodies in them and in turn become more fast. This form is only present in the film. Winx Club: Magical Adventure .In the movie, Icy and sisters will Havram by their ancestras orders and attack the heroes, especially theKing Erendor that allied with witches who gave him the watch and get a magical break hastaque pollen.Icy Bloom tried to attack but nevertheless one of the projectiles of ice gives the magic pollen causing the fury of the ancient witches and vueltya white magic magical universe. The Trix flee due to the strength in her Believix Winx Club.

"We are the super trix"

Super trix

super trix

The ancestral decided to use the Trix who were escaping punishment for arriunar their plans and then each merged to give the appearance of powerful witches. In it converge the magic with a dragon and attack Odbisana Bloom and her friends. Erendor except Bloo mde Icy attack costing your life and then put fairies fretnte the Trix-Ancient and finally destryen witches Trix back to back to normal.

Evil witches

the trix


the trix

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