the Guardians of Sirenix are the Sirenix Guardians of theWinx Club. They help the Winx Club achieve Sirenix by giving them hints and vague clues to where to find the Gem of Self-ConfidenceGem of Empathy and Gem of Courage by giving them vague answers that make the Winx Club think of where those gems could be.Once the Sirenix Book is opened, the quest for Sirenix starts, along with its curse. To aid them in their adventure, the book granted them Sirenix Boxes, which is where their Guardians of Sirenix resides within. They provided them a new fairy power called Harmonix, a power that will allow them to swim and use their powers freely underwater. The participants of the quest are able to summon their Sirenix Guardians during and even after their journey to acquiring Sirenix.Guardians of Sirenix have long, colored hair with ponytails. They wear a seashell on their head. They have a seashell-shaped top and has a tail that is themed with their color. They wear ribbons on their arms and on their tail.
Aisha guardians

aisha guardians


the queen

Musa's Sirenix Guardian

musa guardian

Tecna guar

tecna guardaian

Flora's guardian of Sirenix

flora guardian

Stella Guardians

stella guardian

Bloom's Guardian

bloom guardian

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