Move CardsEditSpecies: Tyrannosaurus

Volcano Burst
Terry's first move card. Terry burns his opponent in a burst of fire.
Neck Crusher

fire dinosaurs

Terry throws the dinosaur into the air, then slams its neck with his tail. It was first used against Tank.
Tag Team
Pawpawsaurus defended Terry against Chomp and Ace's attacks. It was eventually reclaimed by Max Taylor.
Blazing Spin Attack
This was nearly used in Carnival of Chaos, but was interrupted by Helga's arrival. It was never mentioned for Terry again (but Rajasaurus used it).
Tail Smash
Terry smacks the opponent with his tail. This defeated Pteranodon when Zoe attempted to save Iguanodon.
Critical Block
Velociraptors block your opponent's move. It was first used by Seth against Chomp.
Final Fury
Velociraptors attack your opponent, throwing them around.
Unnamed Volcano Burst/Shockwave Fusion Move
An attack that combined a blast of fire with Shockwave's water tendrils, used to destroy a bullseye target while Dr. Z was making new Move Cards in Desperately Seeking Spartacus. Despite its effectiveness, it was never used again.
Ultimate Fire
Ram into your opponent while you are on fire. This was first used against Edmontonia, and last used against Gigas.
Heat Eruption
A volcano spews flaming hot meteors! It was obtained from Sheer's Mapusaurus and was used against the mind-controlled Genie, but was blocked by its Hydro Cutter.
Magma Blaster
Terry collects fire in his mouth, then shoots it off as a beam. This was first and last used to attack


Terry 5.7


Terry 543
theDark Pterosaur.

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