Prince Charming is the love interest of the titular characterin the 1950 Disney animated feature film Cinderella and its two sequels. In the original film, he was voiced by William Phipps.In earlier drafts of the screenplay, the Prince originally played a larger role and had more character development than what he ultimately received in the final version of the film (the third film would rectify this, however). In one abandoned opening, the Prince was shown hunting a deer, but at the end of the sequence, it was to be revealed that the Prince and the deer were actually friends playing a game. In an abandoned alternate ending, after the Grand Duke discovered Cinderella's identity, she was shown being brought to the castle to be re-introduced to the Prince, who is surprised to learn that the woman he fell in love with was merely a modest servant girl instead of a princess, but the Prince's feelings for her were too strong to be bothered by this, and he embraced her. He also had a solo number at one point, entitled "The Face That I See in the Night", in which he sang about how he couldn't stop dreaming of the mysterious girl who stole his heart at the ball.He is part of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as the prince who'll marry the heroine, and he is a student at Ever After High. In the destiny conflict, he is on theRoyal side because of yet unrevealed reasons, but most likely he is a Royal because he likes his destiny prospects. Daring is the older brother of Dexter Charming, another Royal, and Darling Charming, a Rebel. Because he is the heir to the Charming throne and a handsome appearance, Daring is more than a little self-absorbed. He is not necessarily unpleasant, having proven himself a worthwhile friend to Apple White and several other Royals, but he is constantly flirting with girls he has no specific interest in and is oblivious to the way his confidence and success make Dexter feel inadequate.
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the charming family

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