Gods and Goddesses are supreme magical beings that possess vast magical powers. They are the most powerful forces in the universe and might be responsible for the creation of the universe itself.

There are various kinds of Gods and Goddessess with different origins. While Shakti and Shiva are presumably truly divine, it was revealed that the Greek Gods were given their powers bythe Elders from the essence to fight the Titans. However, the true nature of the Gods and Goddesses remains a mystery.Piper Halliwell became the Goddess of Earth and her sisters Phoebe andPaige became the Goddess of Love and Goddess of War respectively. However, the Titans still proved too powerful to stop until Piper lost herself in anger and pain after discovering Leo had become an Elder. She then single-handedly vanquished the Titans by opening a large chasm in the earth, swallowing them as whole. Piper then went on a rampage until Leo managed to calm her down and extracted the essence from her.

[ShaktiUpedWithShiva.jpg ]

Shakti and ShivaEdit

While attending a Hindu wedding in 2004Piper and Leo became possessed by the essences of the Hindu Gods Shakti and Shiva. These Gods were said to have created the universe by consummating their love and it was warned they would destroy it if they consummated their love once more. However, the Gods are later expelled from their bodies with a spell.

To Remove Gods From MortalsEdit

We call upon the mortal ways,
And Gods who guide but may not stay.
We seek those of divinity,
To separate from and set them free.

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