Ress of the FlameThe Alfea Champions were famous fairies, who have achieved so many things. They are a group of three fairies: Ress of the Flame, Siobhan of the Water and Farcellia of the Wind. According to Daphne, they are the strongest fairies in Magix history, so strong that refused to bond with the pixies. They were mentioned in the Legendarium:

"Three famous fairies, whose feats have been passed on from generations."Her dress consists mainly of orange. Her top is hanged on her neck. She has armlets and bracelets. She also wears an orange skirt that is below-the-knee. Some of her hair is pulled behind her head and is tied. She is also wearing no footwear. Her skin is tan and her hair is orange.
Ress Flame
Alfea Champions Unleashed

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