An Element Booster is a device that takes the form of armor on a dinosaur, which boosts its technique, although the D-Team and Alpha Gang are the only ones who actually call them by the name "Element Boosters".

DinoTector ArmorEdit

This form of armor is "anchored" onto the dinosaur by three (in Tank's case, just two) small spheres the color of the dinosaur's Element that are in the armor on the dinosaur's forehead and either their shoulders, sides, or hips (or Tank's tail club).The DinoTector was created by Dr. Z , who used the information gathered from a piece of the Spectral Armor left behind byTorvosaurus. It connects to the Dino Bracer (Dino Holder v.2) or the bottom of the Alpha Scanner when it is being used. Each suit of DinoTector Armor is a unique arrangement of lightly covering metal-crystal blended plates, varying in color and design based on the Element it was designed for. Also, Ultimate Movescan only be used when Element Boosters have been activated   

Its name is a combination of "Dinosaur" and "Protector". The TCG spells it with a lowercase "t" as "Dinotector".

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