Einiosaurus is a medium-sized herbivorous centrosaurine ceratopsian dinosaurfrom the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian stage) of northwestern Montana. It looked like Triceratops. The name means 'buffalo lizard', in a combination ofBlackfeet Indian eini and Latinized Ancient Greek sauros; the specific name(procurvicornis) means 'with a forward-curving horn' in Latin.Einiosaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur. In 2010 Gregory S. Paul estimated its body length at 4.5 metres, its weight at 1.3 tonnes.[1] Its snout is narrow and very pointed. It is typically portrayed with a low, strongly forward and downward curving nasal horn that resembles a bottle opener, though this may only occur in some adults. The supraorbital (over-the-eye) horns are low, short and triangular in top view if present at all, as opposed to the chasmosaurines, such as Triceratops, which have prominent supraorbital horns. A pair of large spikes, the third epiparietals, projects backwards from the relatively small frill. Smaller osteoderms adorn the frill edge. The first epiparietals are largely absent.


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