Ace (Ace) is Rex Owen's faithful Carnotaurus. He is voiced by Seiko Tamura in the Japanese version. His species is Rex's favorite dinosaur.


Move CardsEditEdit

A tornado surrounds Ace, surrounding him with wind and boosting his power. This is his original Move Card, as well as his most-used one. He twice used it to suck up a large amount of water, turning his attack into a "Hurricane" (a giant water tornado).
Ninja Attack
Ace creates duplicates of himself, which attack the opponent simultaneously. This was first used inDinosaur King episode 13 to defeat Tank. Tank often gets defeated by this move.
Mayfly (Kagerou)
By running at blinding speeds, Ace can hit the opponent multiple times. It was obtained afterAllosaurus's defeat, and was only used to defeat Terry and Tank in Santa Saurus!.
Thunder Storm Bazooka
Fusion Move of Ace's Cyclone and Chomp's Thunder Bazooka that sends Chomp flying forward in his Thunder Bazooka attack with wind swirling around him for an added impact. It was used three times: first to defeat Seth's Saurophaganax, and second to defeat Spectral Armor Torvosaurus. Sheer recalled Spectral Armor Yangchuanosaurus before the attack could hit it.
Ultimate Wind
Ace is surrounded by wind, then rams into the opponent. It requires Element Boosters. It was first used against Megaraptor and last used against Apatosaurus.
Biting Wind
Ace shoots out blades of wind from a tornado. It was only used to destroy the lava from the volcano inElements of Surprise.
Hurricane Beat
Ace lifts the opponent with twin tornadoes, jumps up and kicks them repeatedly in the face, and then knocks them back with a swing of his tail. This was obtained after he defeated Megaraptor, who had used the Move.
Sonic Blast
Ace shoots a tornado from his mouth at the opponent, blasting them back. It was used in several battles before being used in the finale as a combo move to break through the Dark Pterosaur, and it defeated Armatus and Maximus along with Chomp's Lightning Strike and Paris's Emerald



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